School #40

School #40 needs your help

                  School No. 40 is centrally located in the square of Yerevan, but you would not know It by visiting the campus. With collapsing roofs, a hazardous nursing room, a collapsed sports facility, 1 computer for entire school and a long list of other problems has cause a school that once educated over 700 students down to only 100 students. The structure is as solid as the resilience of it’s few students and we have decided to create and rebuild school no. 40 into a science, arts and leadership school and get it back to it’s once promising purpose of teaching and preparing the youth of Armenia.


 With our one project at a time approach we aim to target as many schools within our reach to provide the necessary tools and resources for a brighter future. With the help of our volunteers and donors we will make the most of our talented youths potential and help lead the way for a better future in Armenia. Join us on our journey to give back to the underprivileged through education and life preparation.




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